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Department - MECH

Mechanical Engineering department was started in the year 2005 with intake strength of 60 seats, this was increased to 120 students in 2012 and this was increased to 180 students in 2013. The department has well qualified and trained faculty members. It has well equipped laboratories and workshops and includes a CAD/CAM laboratory where students are imparted training in advanced production techniques and design and analysis of machine elements.

Over the years, the department has produced students who have gained recognition in Industry with their professional outlook and technical competence.

Faculty Details

Sl No. Name Designation Qualification
1 M. LAKSHMI SRAMIKA HOD & Assoc. Prof., M.Tech., (Ph.D)
3 NCG SASTRY Assoc. Prof., B.Tech.,
4 G. BALA MURALI KRISHNA Assoc. Prof., M.Tech., (Ph.D)
5 SK.HIDYAKULLA SHARIFF Assoc. Prof., M.Tech.,
6 T. MADHU KUMAR Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
7 B. VENKATA NAIDU Asst. Prof., B.Tech.,
8 G. DEVI VARA PRASAD Asst. Prof., B.Tech.,
9 Y.D. PREETHAM Asst. Prof., B.Tech.,
10 P. JAYANTHI Asst. Prof., B.Tech.,
11 V. SANTOSH KUMAR Asst. Prof., B.Tech.,
12 B. JAYA LAKSHMI Asst. Prof., B.Tech.,
13 M. VENKATESH Asst. Prof., B.Tech.,
14 K. SATYA KISHORE Asst. Prof., B.Tech.,
15 K.L. VENKATA PRASAD Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
16 M. SIVA PRASAD Asst. Prof., B.Tech.,
17 K. SANDHYA Asst. Prof., B.Tech.,
18 K. SAMPATH KUMAR Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
19 B. KATAIAH Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
20 K. GANAPATHI Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
21 G. VENKATESH Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
22 P. KRISHNA Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
23 M. SWATHI Asst. Prof., B.Tech.,
24 A. SAILAJA Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
25 V. SANYASAMMA Asst. Prof., B.Tech.,
26 MEHER KRISHNA Asst. Prof., B.Tech.,
27 K. ASHOK KUMAR Asst. Prof., B.Tech.,
28 RAMU GURUGUBILLI Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
29 N. TEJA Asst. Prof., B.Tech.,
30 P.N.V KALIKA DEVI Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
31 G. PRADEEP Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
32 K. MAHA LAKSHMI Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
33 P. MAHESH Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
34 G. SANTOSH KUMAR Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
35 J. CHANDRA SEKHAR Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
36 P. HEMALATHA VARMA Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,
37 A. JAYA RAJ Asst. Prof., M.Tech.,