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Central Library


The Library aims to be the best among all the engineering college libraries of Andhra Pradesh. Library intends to incorporate the latest technology and to adopt user friendly approach towards its users by offering comprehensive services in regard to the dissemination of Knowledge.


The Central Library serves as a resource center and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents by assimilating latest technology useful for both faculty and students of the Institute and provides an efficient dissemination of knowledge.



The Institute holds a 100MBPS dedicated Internet leased line to provide Internet facility 24/7 to all the students and Staff community.



Transport Committee
The Institute has its own dedicated fleet of buses from all corners of Visakhapatnam, and Vizianagaram and Srikakulam as well especially, the suburbs. The Services are made available at a very nominal fee for students and absolutely free transportation facility for the faculty members.



The Campus Cafe excels in multi-cuisine menu providing a comfortable and vibrant ambience for all. In addition, canteens & kiosks providing meals, refreshments, fruits & snacks are conveniently located close to all academic blocks. The Institute has a very good canteen where snacks, vegetarian fast food, hot and cold drinks, ice cream, etc. are available to cater to the needs of students and staff serving the palate of every kind. The well laid out tables, neat serving counter excellent sanitation and cosy atmosphere make it a most frequented place in the Institute. The added attraction is the coffee kiosk set up by Nescafe.



The Institute has a separate seminar hall to conduct seminars, workshops and symposiums for students and also the faculty. The seminar hall has a seating capacity of 350 and is fully air conditioned. It is equipped with LCD projector, LCD screen, white board and public addressing system. The students are regularly promoted for active involvement in paper presentations, group discussions.



Medical Assistance to students
The Institute has a very special concern for the health and hygiene of the college students, staff and other members. It has a Medical Centre to meet the emergencies. The Doctor on a part time basis and a fulltime nurse is available on campus to give first aid and for any serious issues, it’ll be referred to the multi specialty hospital where the Institute has MOU. Apart from the above, the college organizes check up camps by physicians, dentists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists and other specialists to keep a strict watch on the health of students and the staff. Proper arrangement for purified drinking water is available in the college campus. Group Insurance is provided to all the students, faculty and staff. The Institute also owns the Ambulance services of its own.


The Department of Physical Education is a boon to the Institute. It has both qualified and experienced faculty/ the Physical Directors. The pupils avail the facilities spread over 6.5 acres for the following games:

  • Basketball
  • Ball Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Cricket practicing Nets
  • Football
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Throw ball
  • Volleyball
  • Shuttle Badminton
  • 200 mts Track and Feild

The college has indoor facilities with Table Tennis, Caroms, Chess, 12 stations multi gym for and 4 stations gym. Yoga is being imparted to students as the best tool to handle stress.

These facilities are open from 6 A.M. to 8.00 A.M. and 3.30 P.M. to 7 P.M. Free transport is available for the participants in the sports and games activities.



Women Welfare
The Women Welfare/harassment eradication Cell of the College has been established to safeguard the self-esteem and rights of the women in the college. The women redressal consists of seven faculty members and fifteen student members. The cell attends to various complaints from the women in the campus, especially to issues regarding women harassment. Appropriate and prompt actions are assured to complainants approaching the cell.

The foremost objective of this cell is to safeguard the self-esteem and rights of the women in the college; empowering them to take part in all the activities of the college and thereby make them to feel that they are no longer inferior to men.Women's Welfare Cell renders its support for the upliftment of girl students of rural areas.Women's Welfare Cell also provides a platform to uphold the dignity of women at work. Any type of sexual harassment ie physical, verbal or mental shall come under the purview of the cell, and it is empowered to initiate legal actions against such offences.

To enlighten the women in the college, about their legal rights and to strive towards the empowerment of women through the promotion of gender amity and programs concerning women welfare.


A Committee has been constituted to organize the documentation, to procure all the required data at different levels and also certificates.
To achieve excellence in holistic development of students to their full potential.To ensure quality in every walk of campus life.
Commitment to group effortTo ensure quality service to all stakeholders of the institutionCommitment to the development of core competencies of both students and the faculty

  • To conduct periodic internal audits for reviewing the quality management system.

  • To maintain a liaison and establish network with individuals and organizations connected with quality assurance in the field of education.

  • To collect feedback from the students regarding various facilities and services being provided in the college and make improvements in the light of the feedback.

  • To ensure effective implementation of quality processes with proper documentation as enshrined in the quality manual.

  • To furnish progress reports to the accrediting agencies regarding the achievements and continuous improvement of the college in terms of quality standards.

  • To provide consultancy for quality assurance in collaboration with other institutions and accrediting agencies.

  • Documentation of the various programmes/activities leading to quality improvement.

Grievance Redressal Cell


  • To ensure a fair, impartial and consistent mechanism for redressal of varied issues faced by the stakeholders.
  • To uphold the dignity of the college by promoting cordial Student-Student relationship, Student-teacher relationship, teacher-teacher relationship.
  • To develop a responsive and accountable attitude among the stakeholders, thereby maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in the college campus.
  • To ensure that grievances are resolved promptly, objectively and with sensitivity and in complete confidentiality.
  • To ensure that the views of each grievant and respondent are respected and that any party to a grievance is neither discriminated against nor victimized
  • To advise stakeholders to respect the right and dignity of one another, and not to behave in a vindictive manner towards any of them for any reason.


Well equipped gymnasium is available within campus for students as well as faculty. Physical activity is good for your mental health. Experts believe that exercise releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. Regular exercise can also boost your self-esteem and help you concentrate, sleep, look and feel better.

Gymnasium helps the students in the Following:

  • Create a student focused workout environment that promote confidence in them to celebrate success.
  • To help them set new fitness goals.

Generator/Power backup

Power Backup
The Institution has 250KVA diesel generator. The total set-up in the institution ensures the uninterrupted power supply to the institution for its various functions.Avanthi is having their power back up (generators) unit rated 185 KVA for enough back up energy around 10 hours for entire load. The generators turned on and all the protected electric loads seamlessly transferred to the back up power system. Power outages can spell hindrance for an unprepared service facility. Avanthi works to ensure that we have access to back up power to continue serving under any condition.

Drinking water

The entire campus is constructed with six RO water purifying plants, each placed where students can access them at ease, with one plant each in Girls’ and Boys’ area. These are capable of giving an output of more than 1000 liters of water every hour, for students and staff members.

Avanthi Institute of Engineering & Technology